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President Trump and First Lady Melania Christmas Ornament! Great gift with exclusive Ronda A. West illustration!

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President Trump and Melania Trump lighted Christmas ornaments with hand drawing by artist Ronda A. West. Exclusive to Oh Man Media!

These ornaments are now available in our store. President Trump and First Lady Melania taken from a very detailed hand drawn illustration from artist Ronda A. West. These will make great gifts for you, your family or just to pass out to those “TDS afflicted” friends of yours! 🙂

Very beautiful and hand made ornament in white PLA plastic, LED lighted, tested and assembled proudly in the USA!

It includes the words “Merry Christmas” on one end and a wreath on the other. These are printed in very high resolution and are very durable and detailed.

Currently available in 64mm diameter (2.5 inches). 84mm coming soon!

They include the ornament, a top, a bottom, two top caps, two hanging clips and a waterproof set of string lights fully assembled with instructions. About the size of a baseball these are extremely bright and will look great on your tree this Christmas!

Disclaimer: The video above rotates, these ornaments do not. The video above is for advertisement to show the product.


We already have orders for these so order yours soon as you can to make sure they arrive before Christmas! Yours might even be considered a collectable one day, read this article

Each ornament comes with:

  • 1 Ornament.
  • 1 Snap on top.
  • 1 Snap on bottom.
  • 2 top caps.
  • 2 hooks.
  • (1) 6.5 ft 16 LED light strand including batteries.

The LED lights are waterproof, (The case is not). We assemble all the pieces here and test before shipping. The LED’s are rated at 6000k lumens and will last for 70 hours of operation. The batteries are replaceable!

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Ornaments proudly made in the USA!

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