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Old Man Face – Bas Reflief plaque. Very detailed!


This detailed plaque is one of a kind! Very interesting print of an old man with his hand and fingers over his face. 

What appears to be an elderly man with a look of either anguish, sorrow, fear or shock he holds his hand over his face with his fingers partially covering his weathered face.

Maybe, he just filled up his tractor with gas, or came home from grocery shopping?

We dont know.

All we know is, looking at this even from different angles it is hard to tell what was going thru his mind, or the mind of the creator of this artwork. We show you some different angles below so you can perhaps tell. In any event it would make for a great conversation piece and a unique, one of a kind product you can be assured will stand out in any collection.

These are available in white at the moment but different colors are coming soon. You can even paint them if you would like. We make these in high resolution to give you the best quality possible.



Put this in a display case, near a window for a backlit effect or hang it on the wall with a frame. We put a LED light behind one as pictured here and the effect is drastically different. His eyes have a very eerie glow to them with the light in the back. This would be perfect to display during halloween!

Get this one today while supplies last!



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