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EXCLUSIVE! President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Night Light!

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Exclusive offer! Available only at Oh Man Media, we are pleased to offer these detailed night lights under agreement by artist Ronda A. West!

President Donald Trump and Melania Trump night light

This is a LED night light based off a handmade pencil drawing of Melania and President Donald Trump done by artist Ronda A. West and we are proud to be able to offer these night lights for Trump fans.

This is a very detailed night light that captures Ronda’s art in a very realistic way.

Ronda West art

We make these in extremely high resolution to give you the best quality possible.

We include the LED night light that automatically turns on when it’s dark (and turns off when there’s light) so you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off! Since the light bulb is an LED, it does not get hot which makes it safe and perfect for illuminating and room in your home. All of our lithophane night lights are tested before shipping to ensure the fitting and light is 100% functional.

We also carry our custom lithophane nightlights where you can upload your own images for reproduction by clicking here.

Our lithophanes are made of PLA plastic which is non toxic and bio-degradable. The night lights plug into any wall outlet and are rated at 5000K lumens. They should last for a lifetime. Uses over 92% less energy than a 7W bulb. No bulb to replace, cool to the touch and uses only 0.5 watts MAX. Energy Efficient LED; Convenient auto-on when dark; Costs less than $1 to operate per year; Features patented SMD LED technology; Ideal for children’s bedrooms and dark hallways; Eliminates need for lamps and over-head lighting; Provides a bright daylight source of light for any room in your home

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