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Man On Horse Moon Silhouette Night Light.


Man on Horse moon silhouette with water foreground.

Horse image lithophane silhoutte sunset.
Horse image in moonlight with lake reflection

What a restful nightlight for those of you out there that like cowboys, horses and moonlight!

A very detailed lithophane showing a cowboy riding a horse in front of a lake with a reflective moon shining off the lake. It is very detailed as you can see and it is a serene night light to have glowing when you are watching tv or retiring for the night.

We make these in high resolution to give you the best quality.

We include the night light that automatically turns on when it’s dark (and turns off when there’s light) so you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off! Since the light bulb is an LED, it does not get hot which makes it safe and perfect for nurseries and kid’s rooms. All lithophanes and night lights are tested before shipping to ensure the fitting and light is 100% functional.

Our lithophanes are made of PLA plastic which is non toxic and bio-degradable.

Get this one today while supplies last!



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