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Dragon Dance Incense Holder.


This Dancing Dragons incense holder is simply amazing! It’s perfect for holding any type of stick incense and even has a tray to collect the ash.
It’s made of high-quality filament with incredible detail, making it a true masterpiece.
Plus, these dragons are so fun to watch- we can’t decide if they’re about to battle it out or share a smooch! Either way, we’ll let them dance to their heart’s content.

This piece is both beautiful and functional- it looks great with a dual colored filament or rainbow filament.
Not only does it enhance your meditation or yoga practice, but also makes for a great home decor piece.
Overall, the Dancing Dragons incense holder is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of whimsy and style to their space.
Add it to your collection today!

An absolutely great looking incense holder to add to your home’s decor. It is beautiful, elegant and serves a purpose of holding your incense sticks. What a fantastic novelty piece and conversation piece. Get yours today!
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