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United States, Declaration Of Independence Lithophane Plaque! Great conversation piece!

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This plaque of our founding document “The United States Declaration of Independence”, or known also as (The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America) was introduced to Congress July 2nd 1776 and ratified July 4th, 1776.

Declaration Of Indepence-1

With the Declaration, these states took a collective first step in forming the United States of America. The declaration was signed by 56 of America’s Founding Fathers. Most all of them lost everything they had by signing this document. Their farms, their businesses, their families and in many cases their own lives to ensure that this republic would prevail! Remarkable courage!

The Declaration became one of the most circulated and widely reprinted documents in early American history, and has been used as a catalyst and cornerstone for other democracies around the globe.

Declaration print shown in raw format without backlight.

We took and copied the Smithsonian/Jefferson Declaration and we reprint this in 3D at a whopping 7.75″ tall x 6.75″ wide with a frame of 3/8″ thick this is one of our best reproductions for a lithophane. We print this upright, not flat so you get a very clear quality and since this parchment is old we use only American Filament Warm White filament for this print as it duplicates the original the best.

It comes with holes in the corners to tie twine or ribbon through for hanging, and get patriotic by adorning it with whatever comes to inspire you.

Twine and ribbon included.

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