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Christmas Ornaments! Custom, Lighted ornaments with your own images! Great gifts for anybody! Including yourself!


Christmas ornaments that you will love sharing and others will love receiving!

Our Custom Image Lighted Christmas Ornaments make special and Unique holiday gifts everybody will love!

Add your family photos to make special Christmas Ornaments! A special gift others will keep and be glad to display year after year!

If you are a business you can upload your logo, text or any image combination to use to give out to employees, clients or anybody on your list. 

We have 2 sizes available, 64mm (2.5 in) diameter and the larger 84mm (3.3 in). You can upload 1-3 images that we will use to create a 3D Printed lithophane ornament to hang on a tree or anywhere for that matter.

Disclaimer: The video above rotates, these ornaments do not. The video above is for advertisement to show the product.
Make sure we have a valid email for you when placing your order in case we have issues with the submitted images so we can contact you if we do. 

We already have orders for these so order yours soon as you can to make sure they arrive before Christmas! Yours might even be considered a collectable one day, read this article

Each ornament comes with:


  • 1 Custom Image Ornament (Up to 3 images in portrait mode, 2-3 in landscape.)
  • 1 Snap on top.
  • 1 Snap on bottom.
  • 2 top caps.
  • 2 hooks.
  • (1) 6.5 ft 16 LED light strand including batteries.

The LED lights are waterproof, (The case is not). We assemble all the pieces here and test before shipping. We leave the bottom off so you can arrange the lights as you wish. The bottom will snap on. We also provide instructions on assembly for your convenience. The LED’s are rated at 6000k lumens and will last for 70 hours of operation, and the batteries are replaceable.

Get YOURS today!

Ornaments proudly made in the USA!

Please support small businesses when you can! Thank you!

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