December 4, 2022 Real America's Voice

Our US based store, Oh Man Media was featured on Real America’s Voice news show “American Sunrise” with Ed Henry, Karyn Turk and Terrance Bates!

We are very pleased to have been featured on a Black Friday special on the news network Real America’s Voice (RAV for short) on the network show “American Sunrise“!
We honestly were not expecting this much airplay. Maybe only a mention, but it worked out well. Their studio lights were too much for our custom lithophanes and ornaments we sent them as they need light behind them to show, but it worked out well as we were in Gettr chat and we were able to respond with a post featuring the products we sent them for FREE! We got orders and made a lot of contacts via that marketing strategy.

We will be doing more of this and other engagements in the future. In the meantime if you did not catch it we have the video below for you to watch! Big shout out to all the family at RAV and Gettr! Love Y’all!
Oh Man Media Promo Black Friday on American Sunrise, Real America’s Voice cable network!

This is what I sent them.

Afterwards, Karyn Turk wrote this to me on Gettr…

So a great time for us and we thank y’all for making our day!

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