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Our Showcase

Every now and then we like to showcase our prints we have done for as much as our amusement and intrigue as we hope yours. In no particular order here we go……..

A very kewl print in rainbow PLA of a city in a partial moon.


This “Moon City” model by kijaiCC BY was one of the first prints we did in high quality with rainbow PLA filament.

This was a 14 hour print and  we were astounded by the detail especially on the tips of the spires. This particular model has holes in the bottom to which we later rigged up some miniature LED lights to it for a even greater effect in the dark.

What made this model even better is that it required no supports anywhere!

A truly beast of a print! One of our favorites!

A very nice print of a skull dice roller!


This print of “The Desert’s Kiss”, a Skull Dice Roller was a gruesome 2.5 day long print and this one did not need supports. It used up nearly a half roll of PLA filament and we have it sitting in our lounge today, because it is so inspiring.

We keep thinking about painting it or even using a sepia tone wash to bring out more details but we decided it looks just too damn nice in white to mess with it.

The spider on the top is the crown and it has a ton of detail!  The teeth are also very realistic and it is fully functional as a dice roller. Insert the die in the eyes and out of the mouth they come rolling.

A very nice print worth the wait and our Kudo’s to the folks at Arsmoriendi3d for this detailed model!

Their whole team does fantastic work!

Time to roll the dice!

We will showcase more prints almost daily here so stay tuned!

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