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We have over 8 years of fine tuning our custom and standard lithophanes to the highest quality for you.

So what is a lithophane you may ask?

A lithophane is an object that is thinner in some areas and thicker in others so as when a light source is applied to the back they emit more light to the thinner areas than to the thicker areas which gives you a uncanny at times 3D experience. Lithophanes used to be done made by casting molds to a highly detailed surface in order to produce them.

This method is time consuming and costly so we took on the approach of doing these on 3d printers and we fine tuned our settings to achieve the best quality we can without the high cost of traditional molding.

We have been doing these lithophanes for over 8 years now and we have our printers dialed in to perfection we believe. Just look at our portfolio to see the quality. The results are astounding and are achieved by using quality materials, great printers and very high resolution print settings.

We do not skimp when it comes to quality. It might take us a bit longer to produce these but the overall end products are amazing in detail.

Each print takes about 12-16 hours to complete. Our competitor’s do theirs in half the time because they focus on quantity not quality and use less infill, higher layer height and faster print speeds. That’s not quality folks.

That’s mass production to make a quick buck.

We treat each and every image we get as a work of art and it shows in our final product. Our custom lithophanes we treat as precious memories of a lost loved one or a memory of an event that you share with us and we make for you. It is this commitment to quality that we will not deviate from because those memories you want to keep are ours as well.

So upload an image of yours and let us do the work of turning that image into a priceless memory that you can pass along to others that will cherish these. You will not regret it. Check out some of these products here.

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