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Custom Lithophane Nightlight

A unique, custom, one of a kind lithophane nightlight made from a personal image you upload to us for that special occasion or loved one!

Custom Image Lithophane Nightlight
Custom Lithophane Nightlight

What a perfect gift for Mother or Father’s Day, Graduations, Bedrooms, Nurseries or Kid’s Rooms among many other places!

Personalize your night light with a custom 3D printed lithophane created just for you from any photo.

These make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries, pets, graduations, holidays (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day), or any memories you want to capture!

You can easily swap lithophanes with another one, so order multiple lithophanes to match the perfect mood or occasion.

One unique image upload per cart item. If you want 3 of the same image enter 3 for the quantity and upload one image. If you want 3 different pictures then add each nightlight by themselves with 3 different pictures.

Most picture sizes are approximately 4″ height x 3.5″ width x 1.8″ Depth but the dimensions will vary based on your photo. We can not show you what your uploaded image will look like in real time as this is a custom craft and it can not be displayed correctly on the internet but rest assured the end product will be well worth it.

Custom Lithophane Nightlight
Custom Lithophane Nightlight

We also include the night light that automatically turns on when it’s dark (and turns off when there’s light) so you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off! Since the light bulb is an LED, it does not get hot which makes it safe and perfect for nurseries and kid’s rooms. All lithophanes and night lights are tested before shipping to ensure the fitting and light is 100% functional.

Our lithophanes are made of PLA plastic which is non toxic and bio-degradable.

We will try our best to make this easy and worry free for you – all you have to do is to include your custom image when you order and we’ll take care of the rest! Most custom lithophanes ship in 2-5 days.

Please note larger orders may require additional time but please send me a message at if you have any questions regarding production or shipping times. The lights are rated 5000k lumens and should last 50,000 hours.

We only use AmericanFilament brand PLA for our lithophanes as we believe this is THE BEST printing resin to use for our lithophanes!
And we are pleased to offer the following colors:

  • Classic Lithophane True White – for most average pictures.
  • Crisp Lithophane Gray – for high quality lighter toned images.
  • Cool Lithophane Gray – for neutral colors.
  • Warm Lithophane White – warm tones, much like polaroid pictures used to be.
  • Warm Lithophane Gray – slightly darker than the Crisp Gray. Good for light toned images.
  • Sepia Lithophane Gold – A reddish-brown color. Photographers used this technique on B&W photos to “Warm them up”.
Lithophane filament
AF True White
AF Crisp Gray Filament
AF Crisp Gray
Af Cool Gray Filament
AF Cool Gray
AF Warm White Filament
AF Warm White
Af Warm Gray Filament
AF Warm Gray
AF Sepia Gold Filament
AF Sepia Gold
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