November 25, 2022 Black Friday sale

Black Friday week! %10 off all products & FREE shipping over $50 spent before coupons! What a great deal!

Black Friday sale

Yes folks, it is Black Friday week, but don’t let the term scare you because good things are here! We would like to discount our products %30-%75 like the big box stores, but we don’t believe in jacking up the price during this time of year then offer you a great discount only to get you back to square one in price. That just would not be right and we feel it is deceptive. That’s why we offer you ridiculously low prices all year and have a %10 discount on these items which we can absorb during this time as we know you love our products from past testimonials. And if you have not bought from Oh Man Media yet, you WILL love our products! This we can guarantee because we are perfectionists to detail and we inspect every single product for flaws and we will not ship if products don’t match our expectations of high quality.
As the owner of this small business will not permit it! We have NEVER had a request for a refund! That is how meticulous we are to quality and satisfaction to our customers.

Now on to the good stuff! We are offering %10 off all of our products in our store and FREE shipping on any order over $50 to the US! This only lasts until Friday 12-2-22 so take advantage of a unique, one of a kind product (gift) at a very good price while you can. so order now!

Running out of ideas for Christmas gifts? Check out our Custom Image Night lights or Custom Image Christmas Ornaments for that special gift that will show the “WOW” factor in your gifting expertise! You will be the star of the show when others see how much you care for them by giving them something they really can not get anywhere else and made in the USA of all places! Imagine that!

Watch this video on what we have created in just a little less than a year after we opened our store for a little inspiration!

My final remark is that if you choose to buy from us (that would be great) or somewhere else please make sure it is a small business in the US, as we are the ones who drive the world!

Thank you for the time and Merry Christmas!

P.S. Watch for even more specials when our Spin The Wheel comes on board next week where you get even more chances to win coupons and FREE prizes!


Bing Fischer

Owner – Oh Man Media

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