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Exploring the Art and Science of Lithophanes

Colored Dog

Exploring the Art and Science of Lithophanes: A Fascinating Blend of Technology and Creativity In the world of 3D printing and design, there exists a captivating intersection of art and technology known as lithophanes. These intricate pieces of art leverage the principles of light and shadow to create stunning visual effects that seem to defy […]

Pros and cons of owning a 3d printer.

3D printing is a remarkable innovation that has changed the manufacturing landscape. Its benefits are vast and varied, but it is still important to understand the potential drawbacks before using it for your next project.

Our US based store, Oh Man Media was featured on Real America’s Voice news show “American Sunrise” with Ed Henry, Karyn Turk and Terrance Bates!

Real America's Voice

We are very pleased to have been featured on a Black Friday special on the news network Real America’s Voice (RAV for short) on the network show “American Sunrise“!We honestly were not expecting this much airplay. Maybe only a mention, but it worked out well. Their studio lights were too much for our custom lithophanes […]

Just a sample of some of the products we have made this year!

Look, we could list all of the products that we have made in the last year since we have been open for business but we thought it would be better to just make a video and put some of those products in a video instead of boring you with tons of pictures and mindless pablum. […]

Our Showcase

Every now and then we like to showcase our prints we have done for as much as our amusement and intrigue as we hope yours. In no particular order here we go…….. MOON CITY This “Moon City” model by kijai/ CC BY was one of the first prints we did in high quality with rainbow PLA filament. This was a […]

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