When you buy handmade, you are saying, "I support the quality product of individual artisan's, rather than the lower prices of sweat shop labor."


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Who We Are?

We make unique products that are truly incredible!

"We stay focused! From start to finish we ensure that we and the customer are totally satisfied. That's our mission"
Bing Fischer - Owner

Our custom image nightlights are our niche. We have spent countless hours fine tuning our process to get these just right!
You send us your priceless  photos and we put those memories of loved ones or lovely life moments in tangible form on different products that people absolutely adore! We make these so well, Customers have called us literally crying over how much they or others love them!

Custom Night Light!
Colored Dog
Beautiful colored dog image nightlight

It doesn’t stop there though. We offer many other items that our customers clamor for. Gifts and things they just can not get anywhere else, and for a very reasonable price!

Our competition can not beat our 46+ years of injection molding & design experience! Couple that with 13+ years of 3D Printing experience! They just cant beat our quality or prices! Period!

Light Up Your Home or a Special Friend

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We have the best selection of unique, hard to find products at the best prices with fast shipping!

Check out our store to find some really great gifts and unique, hard to find items you may be looking for. We add new items all the time so make sure you check back often or better yet sign up for our free newsletter so you dont miss out on new products!

We now carry official Cinderwing3D and STLFlix products as well as other designers. We also carry our own designs. Fully articulated dragons, snakes, mythical creatures, home decor, artwork and so much more! All of these make great gifts!

As always we have our custom image nightlights. Submit any image and we will create a unique nightlight in either greyscale or color for you to enjoy and pass along. Also inquire about our custom design service and our 3D printing training.

Call Us For Custom Designs Or Special Needs!

Call us for your custom design needs, Be it small or large our engineers will be happy to assist you.
Also, if you have a rush or bulk order give us a ring and we will be happy to try and expedite your order as best we can.
We want to help and we are only a phone call away!

Real Testimonials

Our Happy Customers

Our Testimonials speak for themselves. See what others are saying about our products!

Our Oh Man Media Blog!

Our blog will focus primarily on 3D Printing, breaking news in technology, computers, internet culture, social media, new products, websites, and startup companies.

We will also tell you about what we are doing here at Oh Man Media!

We will try to write as often as possible so check in to keep up to date!


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